Every person is born
for some reason.

— Ernest Hemingway
This project is about the Path.
The Path and the Mission you have while travelling on that journey.
It is about the Path that each of us is on. It can be fast or slow, conscious or unconscious, amidst a dream or when you are awake.

It is about the Path which has no final destination but passing points in between. These points are as significant as they are unimportant at the same time.

An important part however is the direction of our movement and who we become on this Path. It is also important to understand which side we choose.

This Path leads us to the place where we belong and where we all have come from. It leads us Home.
I've chosen the closest format for me to tell about the Path and its Mission:
Graphic Novel
I've chosen graphic novel because it has structure and visualisation.

Animated feature film
I've chosen animated reality because it broadens our perception of the World beyond its standard frames.

TV Series
It is an interesting and modern format, which helps to reach out to the wider audience.

See you on the Path.