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There is at least one Guardian-Angel next to every one of us.
— R. Eynden

Angels always talk to us. Unfortunately people often can not hear them. I can hear them very clearly.

Angels helped me to understand that they are ready to help us if we ask for their help. That's right! Before they interrupt into human's life they are waiting to be asked about it. They can not do it on their own initiative because of the Law of the Free Will.

Believe me, there is no such a life problem where Angels would not be able to assist. Heavenly guardians are ready to increase and strengthen all the factors of our prosperity, including; health, happiness, relationships, family, career, finances and even travel...

One of the most easiest and effective ways you can get a message or advice from Angels is by using a medium. So, if you are ready to have an amazing meeting with your Angels, I can put you in touch with them.
Session concept
Do you have fears about your future? Don't you believe in yourself and don't you appreciate yourself? Are you upset due to lack of energy and/or do you have constant doubts? But, you shall remember that there are creatures, who are ready to support you and disclose an endless source of energy and unconditional love. They are your guardian-Angels.

There is a wonderful way to communicate with your amazing mentors (your Guardian-Angels) — via a channel of subtle connection to the spiritual world with the help of a medium.

The goal
To believe in the support form the Highest Powers.

To feel, that everyone has mentors in the spiritual world, who take care of us and ready to help and share their unconditional love.

To get acquainted with the technology and practice of communication with Angels as well as disclose a limitless resource of Divine Source.
Whom may it concern?
This course is for people who have doubts, need support, love, joy, inspiration, and for those who are searching for their way. It is for people with deep sensitivity, for those who are in constant search, are oversensitive and have brave hearts.
What will you get as a result?
When you meet your Angels, you would be able to communicate with them at anytime you want. You can ask about anything — any negligible request or any global one: ask Angels to find your lost things, to help to prepare to the exams, to solve a conflict, or to find your Life Mission.
Used techniques:
• the author's method of working with Angels
• theta-healing;
• coaching;
• Dorin Virtue's technology.
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