Be You
There is a sensational phrase „Be you! Be real! Listen to yourself!“ It is so stylish, modern and conscious. How can I make it sound more specific? How can I make it even more important and remarkable, to make us realize our true inwardness, to make us transform, become terrified the things that we've done before, when we were not ourselves.
It also would be nice to become ashamed and repent, to get emotional and burst out crying to get the whole picture and then only, our life will start sparkling in all the colors of aquarelle in no less than magical drawing book. And then only, all the obstacles will be ruined, the illusions and false desires of our souls that got lost in the darkness of crass ignorance will disappear. We will strike up the song of great Freddy all together. The flags will soar with bright letters on them — „BeYou! BeYOU! BеYou!“ The time of the Total Enlightenment has come. Halleluiah!!! Three, no, wait! One hundred and three, and no, again – three thousand times - Halleluiah!!! So, everything is in peace and silence. Here is the world with no hunger and wars. This is it, „the mission is completed“. It is time to have a flight on other planet and to help to less conscious life forms. „Let's FAQ for ignorant Marsian beggars and to vagrants from the planet Black Dwarf!!!“ But it does not work like this for some reason, the boundaries do not extend, there is still no visa in a Karmic passport of consciousness. „Wet behind the ears“, - that is what the wise fellows from Above say.

„Oh, come now, dear sirs, the Guardians of the Space and dear God, why? I am so real, true and authentic. How can you ignore me? Are you sending me back to the oven for smelting? No, please, don't! Wait for a second, please, just a second! I was trying so hard. You all are the witnesses of it. You too, yes, a lady in a spotted yellow jacket, you all know me. I am a miracle of miracles! Oh, yes, I repent, I got drunk, snuffed some kind of nasty stuff, but it all was about my nature, nothing else. It was just an experiment to realize who I am and to find my unique personality. I just wanted to be ME!

That is right, I was judging a neighbor, I was mad, I gossiped, I vilified. I admit all these facts, but it all was a part of an educative process for my immediate circle and for not really immediate one. So what, I kicked an old lady in my thoughts once, because she was moving too slow along the sidewalk. But, I was carried away by emotions, while I was myself, I was the real ME. Yes, I was flinging dirt about people, who were not agree with me. It was more than once, I admit it as well. I did it so many times – ohhhh – so many. But, it all happened to show the clarity and sincerity of my nature. I am 100% real, organic, vegan, gluten free SOUL. Why do you send me to the oven, dear Sirs, Angels?

I've got a sporting schedule, diet and spiritual practices according to a timetable and even dousing with water, walking on broken glass and swallowing gallons of bath tub of coils. I can do anything! I am real – I am like this! This all is me – 380 millions hours of meditations and singing mantras, Enlightenment and opening Sahasrara. Every cell of mine is full of perception of my body and of my real divine nature.

I've got Everest-high cahiers of diplomas and certificates from the Astrology, massage, Holotropic Breathwork, runic language and Angels whispering courses! I am Real. That is the way I am, do you hear me? Where do you send me? Why a lower level? I fulfilled everything, my dear teachers. I followed the instructions, confessed my sins and kissed the rood, feeling that it was it! This is me –real me, me, who realized and accepted a part of God inside of me.

Why do you treat me this way? Why, why do you send me back? What did I do!? My dear Archangel Michael, have mercy on me! Give me a chance to do some kind of work here, please, even the most inconspicuous one. I will do anything. I will clean feathers for the whole echelon of the Angels. I will repair the sandal shoes. I will bring ambrosia for you. Just have mercy on me!“

Archangel Michael came and took the moaning, hysterical soul out, sighing.

„Look, you. Shut up now, you are so annoying with your moaning“, – he shook it roughly. The soul got frightened and quiet and breathed out with relief. „There is the same thing with you for the hundredth time. You are screaming and bother everyone, do not listen to the instructions. You stopped thinking because of the fears. And you are still born in good families – there are artists, scientists, financial elite. No one sends you to look for bottles in trash cans. Live with honor, use the resources, do good and, the main thing – fulfill your mission just for once. You never remember about it. It is all the same – nights out, drinking, taking part in carnivals, singing, dancing… Then you, such thing happens, you wise up – oh, there is something wrong here. And then, you get involved in asceticism, practices, prayers, here is oak bark and dew from leaves. You are searching for something, but there is no sense in this research, as there is no heart there, there is no love. You are looking for yourself with no joy and inner light. Here is a result. Now, take me as I am, good people, here I am with my warts and all, with my sins,“ – Michael sighed and took a thin shiny device out of the pocket of his camouflage pants: "Here, take it, unlucky creature. Take it, stop pushing it away. If you put everything down yourself, may be, you will not have to wait in the line after the journey. You will come back Home, finally. You will stop running like a hamster in the wheel. You will awake, may be, put it down, come on."

Michael inclined his body above it, he had a severe expression on his face, but his voice was warm and he started dictating, attentively observing the words that appeared on a shiny screen and instantly got fixed in the structure of an energetic body in a shape of thin rings, which looked like eights. Michael assured that each word was written in a right way and hugged a sad sighing soul in a friendly way and then, he made sure that the soul sat down into a transport capsule and pushed it down slightly.

The soul gasped, screamed and then, it laughed with joy, whirling away, leaving foam with all the colors of rainbow near the edge of the pipe. The soul's place was taken immediately by another one, which stretched itself out with no stress in its capsule, locking arms behind neck. Michael waved them, standing in high military boots, straddling. A device in his slip pocket beeped loudly, he turned around and started looking through new coming messages, knitting his brows in concentration.

I swept a veranda carefully and put my yoga mat and sat down in a pose for meditation. I closed my eyes. My mind was trying to catch some thought for a few days, to remember something. It was breaking through my dreams and reality, sending me signs, which I could not read. I was in a maze and became restless.

When I made several deep inhales and exhales, I was caught by a condition of emptiness, spinning me into a mysterious tunnel, lifting up my body in a strange way bottom-upwards. I suddenly started noticing some words, which started developing on the walls of the pipe while I was moving in such random motion. I failed to read them, but they appeared again and again and then, at one of the moments, I managed to fix them into my mind. I whirred of the pipe and then got back from meditation. However, I had the words left on my mind. I saw them clearly – „Cognize Yourself and write a book about it“.
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