The Garden
The entire World around us is Eden. It is the garden of Gethsemane. It is the earthly heaven. When we take care of our garden, we become co-creators, we are tangent to Divine process of the Universe creation, we become open to the energy of Cosmos.
Here is a garden of my Soul. Who is in the garden of mine? It is a footworn piligrim, who came here to sit in the shade of the trees and to wait through a noonday heat. What will he find here? Will he be able to quench his thirst and to satiate his hunger here? Will the sun smile upon him with pleasure through green branches, which bow under the heaviness of mellow fruits? Or, maybe, the garden will meet him with cold and savage wind, with wet dried-up grass and bare tree branches. A hungry dog will bark with his thick voice and a dull watchman will send an uninvited guest away.
A garden of the Soul is inside and outside at the same time. The things, which are inside, they reflect on the surface of the outside and on how I create my speech, how I listen, on the way I pay attention to something.
My inner condition creates actions like how I hoe up weeds in my Garden, hoe the soil, water it, how I lop. It is all created by the flight of my soul. If there is no strength for the flight inside, there will not be any power to water the Garden of mine, to take care of it.
Energy drains away through grooves of the lines on my palms.
How can the Garden be revived? How can we make it blossom, smell sweet and become benignant? Where can we find time to bring some water any given day, feeding the roots of plants? What if there is a dry season in the Garden and it lasts for more than one year? And, what if the soil swelled on wetting, all the roots got rotted and pathless bogs spread everywhere? Where can you find the strength to get new seeds, if your Garden was destroyed with a devastating tornado? And your hands gave up in despair, and there is no more strength in you.

The song of the heart

My son, lift your face to the sky. Drink in the sunbeams and the raindrops from the sky, which were sent to you. Thank for the ability to create something new. Feel the greatness of the moment. Cognise joy of revival and filling with Divine fire. Sow a little seed of the Light carefully in the soil of your neglected Garden and start taking care of this little miraculous seed. Wipe every leaf of a new coming sprig, hoe the soil, whisper the words of tenderness and kindness with indefatigability. Shelter it from the cold rain and burning sunbeams, as you should. Send all your love, and your attention to this plant. Even though there will be either stormy winds and snowstorms, destructive heat, blistering cold, plague or hunger. Accept all these things with all your heart with no fear and with gratitude. Save this sprig in the Garden of yours day by day tirelessly.
Someday, there will be a bright sun, playing in a pure sky. You will come to your tree, which got stronger. Its body is fixed by the strong roots, which grow deep in the soil. New branches with emerald-green leaves open to the blue sky. You will see the first little fruit among them and you will happily smile to it.
There will be first guests who will come to feast their eyes on your miraculous tree. Accept every one of them with an open heart. It concerns little bugs, birds and critters. There can be other animals and people as well. Send your greetings with pleasure to all of them.
When this fabulous fruit mellows, it will softly fall from the branch of the tree and roll. It will feed the soil with a magic power. It will spread its seeds everywhere around. The fresh green grass will appear. New sprigs will arise from the soil. And, there will be other fruits, which the miraculous tree will give to you. Serve them round generously and sincerely to all your guests, do not begrudge any single piece.
The new young and strong trees will grow over time. "How should I be in time with all that?" - you will wonder. You will look round and suddenly see squirrels bringing water in nutshells to pour it on the roots, you will see bees buzzing above the flowers, there will be people picking fruits from miraculous trees. You will see that there is no end to your Garden. It whispers with the leaves and grows greener wherever you send your glance, and some kind of magic light will be born in your soul.
You will rise your hands to the sun and to God and you will become one with this entire wonderful World – the Garden of Miracles.
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