The Right of Choice
God gives us an opportunity to choose, to perform deeds ourselves: whatever happens, we always can take a step towards Light or back into Darkness.
How would our history turned out if, despite everything, Judas refused to point finger at Jesus for Roman legionnaires?

What if Pharisees accepted the divine nature of Jesus without fear of that they might lose their power?
What if people made a choice to save Christ's life when Pilate allowed them to choose?

What if Pilate refused to crucify the guiltless person with the means of his might and power and if he didn't wash his well-groomed hands?
Where would we be now? What level of consciousness would we have?

This thought thrust through me. It thrust through all of my body from my heels to my vertex and jumped out into open space.

Let's suppose that God believed in the pureness and mercy of the human kind until the last moment? What if he believed that there was a soul, which would not let this murder of the guiltless person happen - the murder of his son. What kind of global transformations would happen in our space? How would it rewrite all the further history and timeline of the events?

We lost a unique opportunity to make an instant step on the highest divine level of consciousness.

Probably, we lost our chance to make a quantum leap, to leave the bounds of our limits, to widen horizon of our knowledge, to stop suffering, to make a step beyond the wheel of Samsara and of the spate of the endless times of reincarnations. We lost this chance.

However, God, the Supreme Intelligence, or the Light, offered a cosmical sacrifice – it was a part of him. He made it to let us keep on living, breathing, developing, raising our children, loving and believing. We have an opportunity, one more chance to make a choice, just one more choice. This time, it will be the last one.


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