Does the Love at first sight exist?
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Love is waiting. Love awaits each and everyone of us. Love's primary desire is to fill everything with its light. Love is a state of joy that we all strive to achieve, and with this desire comes our understanding of Love from first sight. What is it? Does it really exist or are we taking it for something else? How to define whether it's true love or just a physical attraction towards someone?

How and when do those stages swap one another?

Does the Love at first sight have its definitions and boundaries?

When does an attraction turn into a real deep feeling of true love?

When do we realised that there is a higher meaning and purpose behind the encounter with this particular person? When do we know that it is more than just a nice exchange of pleasantries?

To answer all these questions I would need to deep down into my subconscious…

I have a strong feeling that there is a Divine Flow behind the connection of two people.

It is the same Divine Flow that I have been studying and documenting on my Shaka_Flow channel.

It is that same Flow that creates the power of attraction and feels our hearts with joy and blessings.We are all part of the Flow, regardless of our awareness of it.
It is the Flow of life itself that pulls and connects us towards each other.

Once we are truly 'plugged in' to the source of light in the other, the understanding comes and we recognise them.

The Divine Flow knows when two souls are ready to meet for the purpose of co-creation, ready to fill their lives with more love and joy. It is the Flow that divinely orchestrates each new connection when the time right. And if the other soul is mature and ready - they resonate.

Sometimes the souls are too busy, too preoccupied with the noise of the physical world, and they miss the gentle call for love. The Flow is always there though, tirelessly trying to awaken us to the presence and awareness of love. Sometimes it takes few lifetimes to get to us before the recognition happens.

When both souls are ready to give and receive love, the inevitable encounter will happen, and they will call it Love at First sight.

In reality they have already met, they knew each other before and very possibly loved one another.

Now they have but one purpose: to make this relationship truly holy and release it to the Divine Flow of life, where they can meet again.
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