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What is FLOW?

#tomovewiththeflow - what does it mean? Where did this statement come from and where does it lead us?

I got curious with the subject about a year ago.

My revelations:

Flow is where time disappears, all limitations fall and a new sense of being is born.

What is the most important thing about being in the Flow? What happens to us as individuals while we are in the Flow?

The most important rule of the Flow is to relax and let all things unfold as they meant to. We are all created in the mind of God and knowing that me makes fearless.

I move with the Flow and try my best to stay within it. I enjoy the sense of being a part of it. This is Flow.

The bustle and hustle of life are left behind. There is only Peace and Serenity inside me.

Flow is Serenity. Yes!

To reach the state of the Flow one must be at Peace.

Where does the Flow come from? Where is the source?

We all come from one Source where we all belong. The Source has different names - The Architect, The Universal Energy, The Light - but the content and meaning are the same.

Source is our real birth place where we are all trying return to. Consciously or asleep but we are all on our way there.
The more awake one is the easier the journey.

BUT in truth our separation with Source never happened. The Ego created the sense of separation and not belonging. The Ego is trying to cut us off the Source.

Once the separation is no more the Ego stops to exist. Ego is an illusion. It is a lie, it is an absence of Truth. Pain and suffering are an illusion.

The idea that we are separate from Source is an illusion. We have forgotten about it because we are dreaming.

As I have mentioned before, Source is the Light, God who guides and support us. Flow comes from God. Devine flow of the universe.

Coming from Source, the Flow cleanses and awakens us to who we truly are and reminds us of our one and only purpose of awakening.

This is the truth and the only reality that bring peace and joy to our hearts.

Flow is the novigetion system that guides and directs us in the right way.

When we are off course our inner being (thermometer of the soul) will let us know about it.

If I am at Peace, I am in the Flow.

If I am in distress I am out of it. Very simple.

Just keep an eye...

We are all human beings and we all do mistakes, deviate from the course and fall out of Flow.
At any time we can get back to the it once we are at Peace.

But how to get back to Peace?

Breathe deeply, be kind, smile, pray, be aware, love your self and love the other.

To be at Peace is the Foundation of the Flow.

Source is where everything originates from (like in the series LOST) All the creative energy comes from the Source and that is where it returns.

Being in the Flow and being one with Source brings us back to our real and authentic selves. It brings us back to God.

To be at Peace - in the Flow is to be in alignment with God's will, which is also our will.

God's will and mine will are one because I am one with God.

To experience Love and Joy and to be at Peace - that is the only truth. All else is but an illusion.

Being in the Flow is but to come back home to my real self.

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