Dragons. Part 2.
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Different Frequency Dragons

Fourth Dimensional Dragons:
These wonderful beings love humans and nature and help every aspect of the natural world. They have served us and our planet for aeons. They can delve into deep dark vibrations to burn up, blow away or wash out the lower energies that angels can not reach. The protect us and clean out path of obstacles.

They also assist us in moving between the dimensions and help to prepare us energetically for the high frequency energies coming in.

The are Lemurians, so passionately love the planet and everyone on her. Even before the end of the civilization of Lemuria, all that time ago, they knew that in 2012 Earth would start to go through a challenging 20 year double dimensional shift before the new Golden Age. So, with the angels, they merged Source energy with qualities from the auras of several stars. Then they poured the blessed molten crystal into seams in the rock in specific places. These became the powerful Lemurian healing crystals that are surfacing now to help the planet ascend. The fourth dimensional dragons are helping those who are ready to retrieve these crystals so that they can be used for the highest good.

When the Golden Age of Atlantis terminated and the civilization collapsed, these dragons were offered ascension to the fifth dimension as a reward for their incredible service to the planet. However, they sacrificed their ascension promotion in order to remain and assist us through this massive frequency shift.

Fifth Dimensional Dragons:
These dragons are helping us to hold a fifth dimensional frequency and to prepare for the new Golden age. They transmute all that is holding us back and help prepare our energy bodies for the highrer energies now available. They all offer incredible service work to the planet and humanity. When we work with them, our light expands and grows.

Seventh dimensional Dragons:
SD Dragons work with the luminious devas, the angelic beings who work with the blueprint of creation. The dragons use their powers of creations and maniffestations to assist the devas to take the vision and put it into practice. For example, a blue dragon from the Pleiades may place a blue Pleiadean rose in our energy fields and make it physical for a moment so that it can influence us at a cellular, dusky pink dragons from Andromeda may touch our chakras with higher love and help us to embody it, amd the dragons of Lyra, are working with Archangel Christiel to develop our causal chakras and those of countries, stars, etc

Ninth dimensional Dragons:
Ninth Dimencioanl Dragons carry the codes for cosmic energy they represent. They work with nine dimensional devas, who are the visionries who manage the cosmos and ensure everything works together in harmony. The dragons may mock up a blueprint so that the devas can see how a particular idea works. They are extraordinarily high frequency beings.

Information based on Diana Cooper books

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