„The Earth Angels“

Be who you were created to be,
and you will set the world on fire.
The four main characters have different lives.
They live in different countries.
They are:

a heir to a million dollar empire,

a photographer/blogger,

a singer/social activist and

an archaeologist.

They are united
via their memories.

The memories are about creatures with wings. These are only ashes of memories about their life missions.

Even though they do not know each other – they can see each other in their dreams and receive some troubling messages.

Only those four can save the World
of the Great Name from destruction.


Thus, the main characters need to find a lost artefact of Power in a lost city, the city of Angels, to fight with the Fallen and liquidate the heart of the Darkness.

The fight might become
the last one for them and for
the entire Universe.

Is there any Light ahead?
Or any hope?
Are they ready to go all the way?

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"The Earth Angels" is a bright, powerful and motivating project, which no doubt will inspire many people of different ages to renegotiate the important life matters and will give support to everyone who looks for his/her own path and mission on the Earth. That is the most important thing. I can positively say that this project already has a lot of love and energy in every word and in every character… I am looking forward to reading the published version of the book, seeing the movie and the series; as well as everything that "The Earth Angels" project will include. It is a part of me, and many people all over the world will agree with my point of view very soon.

Katerina Martirosova, Krasnodar, Russia
The Earth Angels are the gate keepers to our hearts. They battle the dark forces of evil from penetrating into our deepest core of our hearts our souls.

Earth Angels is brilliant spiritual fantasy novel that opens the Curtains to another dimension on earth that only the human soul can see. The chronic daily battle between Good and Evil envelopes the history of the past, present and future of human race. It is up to the earth Angels to fulfill their calling and mission to defend and prevent the decaying human race from an inevitable self destruction Armageddon.

— Adrian Reyes, Brent, Oregon, The USA

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