practical course

„Angel Intuition Development“

Your guardian Angels are always with you.

They are waiting for You to ask for their support. They may not get involved out of their own initiative, in exception of special do-or-die situations - this is the Law of the Free Will. Do not be ashamed of asking them to help you whenever and wherever! If you are stuck in traffic – ask them about a road with no congestion and about a good parking space. If you suffer from migraines – ask them to set you free from these headaches. Ask them to protect your child's health, about the money to cover your needs, about anything…

„Trust me, these creatures from Heaven do not take anything as insignificant. They just want to help us to get anything that will bring peace to our souls“, — that was what doctor of philosophy and a spiritual guru Dorin Virtue wrote in her book.

Do not spend your energy on worries and thoughts about how exactly you would get help and support from Heaven. Let God's wisdom solve Your problem. All You need is to ask for help!
Whom may it concern?
It is for people who are interested in a theme of Angels. It is for those who have delicate souls and strong intuition. This course is for people, who have doubts, need support; for those who look for their way in life.

The course is for people, who found their Life Mission, but are afraid to follow it. It is also for those who are still searching for their Mission.

And most importantly, the course is for those who look for likeminded people and for support.
You will gain:
— Practical experience of working with Angels.
— Communication with likeminded people.
— Certificate of Completion.
The course syllabus:
Communication with Angels
„Set up“ for sensing the channels of information from Angels
Development of Сlairvoyance channel
Development of Clairsentience channel
Development of Clairgnosis channel
Development of Clairaudience channel
Training for being a spiritual medium
Healing with the help of the Angel Therapy
Used techniques:
• the author's method of working with Angels
• theta-healing;
• coaching;
• Dorin Virtue's technology.
2 days

course duration
from 25 persons

number of participants

full course cost

30-minute consultation


Personal sessions with Angels with a discount of 15%
for the course participants.
„Angel Intuition Development“
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