„The Earth Angels“

The secret to happiness is freedom.
And the secret to freedom is courage.
The next step for the project will be a realization of modern and dynamic TV series. Filming of 12 part mini-series is planned in collaboration with american producer of the project in a studio in Western Hollywood.
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I have been honored to mentor Vlad through this journey of his Earth Angels project. His continued determination and relentless attitude is something I admire. Vlad is a spiritual human being who genuinely cares for his relationships and humbly believes in himself. I am proud to be, not just Vlad's mentor and coach, but his good friend.

— Justin Levine, LA, California, USA
„The Earth Angels“ is a very deep, beautiful and true project.
There are invisible and warm beams that come from the author's heart to the hearts of those who are part of this project. I am looking forward to the published book and the upcoming movie. The characters are just wonderful. There is an amazing geography. I want to read it over and over again, discovering something new for myself or about myself that I knew once, but have forgotten. The day or a week is not the same without Vladislav's "Messages from Angels". It just feels like something is missing.
There are just few things that stay with us for a long time in bump and grind of everyday life. Vladislav's project is just like I've described above – it is a very valuable, rare, sincere.
Thank you very much for Your project, Vladislav!

— Irina Khlebnikova, San Diego, California, USA
„The Earth Angels" project needs your loving support