The post from an unknown author about the Life Mission – found in the Internet.
It is really important to find your Way, your Mission and I said about it so many times. I said that this is one of the most important tasks in human life – there is no much more important one. It is usually called like "to feel with your heart, to breathe with your heart, to hear with your heart".
There are many different technics, lots of tools, which give you an opportunity to reach the main thing. It is when the Space starts blessing and helping you even though you've just taken a step on the road of yellow bricks leading to the Emerald City of your dream.

It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up early in the morning and know that every second of your life is filled with a meaning.

BUT! There is something inside of us that stands against of our Mission; it confronts fulfilling the life mission. That is why there are lots of different kinds of temptations like attracting sparkling lights of million-strong cities with their casinos, penthouses and stylish Bentley cars with the width of a traffic way. There is also alcohol, drugs and luxurious parties. They can also offer high-potential financial projects, a career for being respected and having lots of money. Moreover, they often show even easier things, which are available for the most of the people: it is money wasting in shops, having an absolutely boring time with plenty of food, meaningless talks with a cigarette and a lack of energy after that. Does it sound familiar to you?

Therefore, why should not you stay in your bed for a half an hour more, instead of getting up at 5:30 am, as you planned, and having a meditation, writing an article, making a morning run... Oh, yeah, I would rather stay in my bed for just a little bit more. You can easily justify yourself, because you woke up early yesterday, the day before yesterday you had a training and wrote a half of an article, after that you can wrap yourself in a blanket and sniff. What can be better?

You can have the tasty abundant dinner, spread all your attention on Facebook news and miss a workout in a gym, because it is really dark outside and you do not feel like you want to go anywhere. Does it sound familiar enough too?

When I have such moments, when my heart becomes clenched to the size of thimble and I am ready to give up, when there is no Chi energy in my jar at all, I encourage myself to move. I encourage myself to move forward. I move further from any point, by any means, with my teeth shut, pushing with the help of my knees and elbows. I am moving forward by any means. The main idea is to leave your warm and cozy blankets, to get rid of melancholy and to take a step. It can be any step. It can have the size of a centimeter, a millimeter, less than a millimeter. Just keep moving.

I encourage you to throw away treacherous laziness, which comes from your ego and from "kind" people from your everyday life.

Create actions instead of chronical inactivity. Just do not stop! Believe in yourself. Look for the support from Above. Pray. Meditate. Unsheathe your sword and declare that you are going to fight with your fears. Act!

When you will start breaking through a sticky net of doubts, keep moving and then you will see how the darkness steps away, new ideas and possibilities flood into your mind like a powerful wave.


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