When you take a closer and deeper look to our soul through a lens of the Universe, you will notice that it's like a butterfly. A butterfly that flies with its wings spread widely. It seems like a direct analogy to a soaring soul.
"Spread your wings and prepare to fly"

The expression "Spread the Wings" means the flight of a soul, it is a symbol of a free soaring butterfly.

Spread Wings = FREEDOM

A butterfly has such an incredible potential, source and power – it contains beauty and lightness, which reminds us about the perfection and elegance of our own divine nature.

Butterfly is like a symbol of a soul revival, it also carries the symbolism of the Rood of Christ. The rood is an image of Christ - the butterfly soul. In contrast with that, an ignorant soul, the soul that did not find its mission, embodies a caterpillar.

A butterfly is a symbol of revival. It is a symbol of awakening transformation of the soul getting to the next level. The soul is mature enough now, it's cropped up and bright, beautiful divine creature.

Until we are in cocoon, we are closed, not able to see anything farther than the walls of our cage. It is hard for us, it is stuffy, we suffer, we are bound by our hands and feet. However, this is what we need for our personal growth, even though it's tough. But, there will be a moment, caused by this inner grief, when our soul will be ready to gather all its strength and power that we didn't know it had.

The soul will accept its truth and will break the bounds of its cocoon-cage.

A butterfly is a symbol of self-sacrifice and self-renunciation from the illusion of a material world, as well as a symbol of revival of a new level consciousness of the newly transformed soul.

Butterflies are little angels. They are amazing, fragile and tender just like our souls. As soon as we reach the state when our wings are spread, we do not live long, just like cocoons transformed into butterflies.

The condition when our soul is ready to become part of the next level is called a butterfly's flight. It amazes us with its beauty.

A butterfly at its height of the flight soars up to reach the place where it originally comes from - it returns home. We all come from this place called home and we all try to reach it in the end. All of us will definitely get there sooner or later.

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