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The process of escaping from darkness involves two stages. The first one is about recognition that the darkness can not hide anything. Usually, this stage entails fear. The second stage is about recognition, that there is nothing you want to hide, even if you could. This stage brings escape from fear. When you have become willing to hide nothing, you will not only be willing to enter into communion but will also understand peace and joy. "A Course in Miracles"
Co-creation of male and female principles


The sound of an incoming call makes drops of sweat running down my spine – I am afraid to look and to reply. I've got a call from a Vampire.

The Vampire wants to bite me. He wants to bite me again and again.

Vampire's bite is painful and delightful at the same time. Usually, it is understood about pain, but why is it delightful? Delight in this case is in ability to show my other sides, which I usually hide and repress, it is in ability to reveal them in the kiss, I take them out. I show them.

It is about powerful hand submission, it is about submission in sex, and it is about dominating, as well as dominating from my side. There can even be some humiliation.

The more I repress something in myself, the more often the space around me reveals those facts of repression presence. And, this Vampire kiss makes repression floating to the surface, that is why the kiss is so delightful, but, as it was repressed for a while, it becomes poisoned, takes a spoiled shape because of a longtime storage.

Fear itself is a thing, which represses my Power, my resource and I have an ability to see it, to reveal it on time without waiting for the Vampire to appear. We just need to listen to ourselves and to our body.

I know, that I can do so many things (we really can do more than we can imagine) and it sets me free!

Lies and Untruth make us being not free. They kill and poison us. I talk about Fear to share the truth in its true colors, without illusions, Fear of the Truth to be yourself for real, Fear to cognize Yourself.

When I start telling the truth, I become free without looking over my shoulder on somebody's opinion. I go on path of self-realization.

There is the Fear that they will take away what I have, they will punish me, because they are stronger and smarter, the fear of figures of authority, the fear of material attachment. It is about being under philosophy of Victim living. A victim, who is afraid to live his or her own life, it is easier to give up.

It is about the fear of living a true life. A real life brings responsibilities. It includes a huge potential and resource and it is all about being a Responsible person. All these things involve an ability to emerge full blown and gain your point, your values, your real Dreams!

It is all about need to tell the truth, even if your lips are trembling and your cheekbones are tensed, when my mind is paralyzed and I remind myself a cowardly Bandar-log, who is hypnotized by an almighty Kaa.

Despite all these facts, despite this mind anemia I am willing to find the strength to stand up with my eyes wide open and to take a step into unknown.

Have you ever thought why people look with such a respect on those, who achieve some offbeat things? Why does it excite such interest?

This is how Energy releases. Thus, energy is what we all need, that is what we all set our heart on. We all want to have a constant, powerful, supportive Energy flow. There is no life without energy, we will be dead without it and, before death comes, we usually get illnesses. The more energy a human generates, works on and receives, the more people get interest about this person.

When we overcome fears and transform them, we open a central channel, named SUSHUMNA, which is responsible for a main energy flow, apart from thousands of small channels all over our bodies. When we develop the main channel, our spine becomes healthy and, moreover, we will get connected to the very source, which will heal our precious back and spine. It is a wonderful possibility to be yourself, your true self. Because the self-realization (through your body as well) gives you an opportunity to cognize yourself and this self-cognition makes me being a true person. When I realize who is true me, I will remove things and actions that destroy me and lead me astray from my space step by step.


"Fear makes people think," – Aristotel said. It is not about justifying our own idling because of the fear or freezing to death because of bad things that might happen, but it is about thinking! From force of habit, our mind generates imaginary disasters and troubles, instead of questioning about this thing: what am I afraid of, actually, in this situation?

When I peer at my own fears, I find the same basis in each of them – it is the unknown. Namely, situations of uncertainty and things that we do not know - scary us the most. Our mind convulsively tries to hold on what it knows and what is familiar for him, like previous experience of misfortunes and problems, which really took place to make us stronger and wiser.

It is such an irony! Can I really be afraid of the things that I do not know? Or, maybe, everything is the other way around – I am afraid of losing what I have, I am afraid of losing things and situations that I know very good, may be, I am afraid of parting with a concept of being myself and of my current life… It is so scary to look inside of yourself, isn't it? The thing is that you can find not very pleasant things about yourself like laziness, dependence on other person, low self-esteem. Look inside of yourself and you will see – fear is not "what", it is – "who"!

Sometimes live is based on irrational fears, on tries of running from yourself, on willing to hide from the Universe, which is free from fears, instead of trusting it. We get tired, get exhausted from waiting for evil or something bad to come, but, at the same time, we get used to this freaky but really comfortable «blanket» of fear, which covers us with idling, robs our new beginnings and a chance to find our way in this life. Fear can become the main feeling or a «protective shell» for a willing to avoid stresses and mental disturbances, and it is so painful when we try to get rid of them. Even when we think that we love person, we might, actually hide from our own emptiness and loneliness. There can be complex of inferiority hiding behind a successful career.

We manage to pass this toxic life phobia to our children, robbing their ability to see good things in every situation, to find Divine meaning in everything that happens. I talk about the meaning, which does not belong to our little ego, but it is a Divine Mission. Wait for something good to happen and it will come to your life!

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