To sacrifice one's life for another. What does it mean?
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To sacrifice one's life for another. What does it mean?

It is a matter of life and death.

'I will give up my life for you'. When I hear a phrase like this, seemingly full of unconditional love, I cannot help thinking if this is actually possible.

Is it really an act of goodness
Can you actually give up your life for someone and what does it mean?

In search for an answer I came to two conclusions.

Number one (a practical one)

To give up one's life means to sacrifice your physical body in order to give a chance of life to another human being within our material realm.

How can this act of self sacrifice be beneficial to the 'receiver' and to the rest of living beings? The body that was given another chance of life has an opportunity to fulfil it's mission in this lifetime and self realise.

How can this act of self sacrifice benefit the 'giver'? Perhaps this being needs to reincarnate into our physical realm yet another time and finish it's lessons. Perhaps the karmic justice will play it's part and erase all 'debts' of the 'giver' and upgrade him/her to another level of existence.

It is also possible that the 'receiver' can misuse his 'second chance' and do more harm than good … what a 'gift' that would be!

Technically speaking, the 'receiver's' time in the physical realm was up, but here we come and try to change the rules of creation and mend the law of Cause and Effect (proclaiming ourselves Gods)

On the other hand, there is a metaphysical explanation...

A majority of us have a tremendous fear of the un-known, and giving up one's body means facing the fear of the other side. To sacrifice one's life and face the unknown, the death itself, requires unimaginable courage and humility, especially in our age of body worshiping. It really means giving up your ego and acting selflessly and making a big step in soul evolution.

A human being that decides to sacrifice one's life shows a great example of courage and inspires others to express and extend love. It is the highest example of evolution in human consciousness.

It is enough to remember the greatest figures of our time, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Giordano Bruno, who stood up in the face of death.

The courage of my spirit inspires the courage in others, as we are all connected.

To give up one's life and sacrifice the physical body triggers the entire humanity to move towards healing, love and compassion.

That is the meaning and symbolism behind Christ's love and his greatest sacrifice. Amin

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