„The Earth Angels“
an animated feature film

Decide that you want it
more than you are afraid of it.
The plot of the book „The Earth Angels“ sparked a cosmical interest of film producers in both Western Europe and in the USA. A filming process of the family-friendly animated feature film is under negotiations. Voices and images of the main characters are kept secret.
To be in the know
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As for the book „The Earth Angels“, I am looking forward to getting answers to the questions that I find we often ask ourselves: Why do we meet some people in our life? Why are some people able to change our lives forever? What was depended on us and what was destined a long time ago?

Alexander Krutov, Moscow, Russia
Hi Vlad,
I believe there is a strong desire for your project. Everyone is moved by angels and their mysterious work.
In America a huge number of people who aren't especially religious still hold tight to their belief in these Heavenly beings.
I think you would do very well with your several interesting branches, publishing, a series and film are really ambitious and worthy.
Live well/ love long.

— Marc Charbonnet, NYC, USA
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