„Everything in this life has its own purpose…It can be a unique gift or a talent to share with others. When we unite it with serving people, we feel ecstasy and elation. Consequently, it is an overall goal. When you work way through, you are like a flute and its heart is filled with whisper of minutes, which becomes music… What does it mean to work with love? It is like enweaving hulls using the strings of your heart, as if those hulls would be for your beloved…“

Khalil Gibran „The Prophet“
The word „dharma“ translated from Sanskrit means „mission“, „life plot“. The Law of Dharma assures that we get our physical body to make this life plot come true. According to this law, we have a one-of-a-kind talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something about each one of us, which we can do better than the others. Moreover, each unique talent has its own needs. Their unification is a spark, which lights up abundance — the main purpose of Living.
Realization of your Mission in this world
includes three aspects.
The first one assures that every one of us is here to reveal one's true self, to assure in its spirituality. We are not just people who get some spiritual experience from time to time. It all is vice versa. We are spiritual beings, who came in physical form for receiving human experience of living.

The second aspect is about expressing our unique talents.

You have a one-of-a-kind talent. There is no same person like you in the whole world. This means that you will fulfill the task better than anyone else on this planet. When you do this one only thing, you express that unique talent, it dips you into consciousness with no time limits.

The third aspect is about serving the human kind.

It means that you need to serve your fellow creatures, constantly asking questions like:

„How can I be useful?

How can I help those who I am in touch with?

How can I make the world a better place?“

When you combine your talent with serving the human kind, you absolutely reach your potential. Thus, you get an access to the Source.

The Source is limitless. It is constantly reviving due to your talent, your way of expressing it and your everyday actions. It comes through when you change your question from „What will I get?“ to „How can I be useful?“.

The best way of accessing the Source is while you are meditating, asking a question „How can I be useful?“ will reveal an access to your heart, to its part where you feel your uniqueness.
If you want to make your Mission come true, you need to be responsible for several things.
The first responsibility:
— I will be searching for my Higher Self, which is free of my ego.
The second responsibility:
— I will discover my unique talents and I will feel joy and happiness when I find them.
The third responsibility:
— I will ask a question: „How can I serve the human kind the best way I can?“, and then I will practice things that will show up after I get my answer. I will use my unique talents to serve the human kind.
Sit down and write all possible answers to the following two questions:

• What if money matters do not disturb you anymore, you would have all the time and money in the world, what would you do?

• How can I serve the human kind the best way I can?

Practice these things that will show up after you get the answer.
Reveal your Uniqueness, discover your talent and you will be able to create any treasure in this WORLD!
Go ahead and create!
Thanks to Vlad, I've discovered the world of Angels. It happened in spring of 2014, when I was preparing for my trip to Nepal. That was the place, where I found my connection to my Angels. I just got a feeling, I understood that they heard me and that they were ready to help me in anything. I had several situations in the mountains, when I realized that our life is so fragile. Everything that I asked was done and during those special and wonderful moments, all my being was full of endless gratitude and love. I felt I as though I was covered with a big wing of my loving and guarding Angel during the whole trip… Angels are close to us.
Vlad, I thank you from all my heart.

Anastasia Lipskaya, St. Petersburg, Russia

The session with Vladislav amazed me with its heartfulness and efficiency. I have achieved a very powerful result, that I didn't expect at all. I've easily and unobtrusively found a clear answer to a very important question. I got a feeling of serenity and clarity of where I should go and what I shall do, and of course, I am now confident about the path I've chosen for myself. Vladislav is a superb expert of his craft. I thank him from all my heart!

— Lydia Konakova, Riga, Latvia

Thank you, Vlad. I got through all the skills concerning communication with the Guardian-Angels that you were talking about. It pleased me. The most important thing was the information that you sent, it was absolutely about me and it became especially useful after I started applying it. I am happy and it gives me hope. Let the power and prosperity be with you on this difficult path – you are a guide of LIGHT!

— Kirill Kaydalov, Narva, Estonia
I met Vlad in 2013 when I was participating in a spiritual practice. I instantly got a feeling that he was a strong, sincere and kind person. I don't believe in mentoring; for me the only thing that I trust is a personal example that can be emulated — a person who reached a high spiritual level, a guiding light, a teacher. My request was and still is about finding myself as a person, finding harmony and happiness. Vlad shows from his own life experience that only when you learn to listen to your heart, you will find yourself.

— Alexander Krutov, Moscow, Russia.

Vlad has a great perception of people's emotions; he has a very powerful source of strength that he uses to support and inspire those, who sends him requests. He is an irrepressible explorer who is honest and open — Vlad is a pure soul. The request from me was about my life mission, it was about all new wonderful things and situations that I wanted to come into my life. Each session was giving me a feeling of opening my mind to the new things, whilst all my requests were fulfilled and I got all the answers I needed. My fears disappeared. All the processes towards realization of my goal got a brand new meaning — they got new power. So, I have reached a new level of life — I feel love and strength and to keep going with my life mission. All thanks to Vlad's support and with the help of tools that he shared with me.

— Katerina Martirosova, Krasnodar, Russia

It always seemed to me that I'd never looked for the easiest ways to live, but one day, when I came to America, I understood - the life period before that moment was like kindergarten, a paradise on Earth, I lived off the fat of the land.
I got lost in America and I needed a reliable person to guide me, who could show me the light at the end of a tunnel. I am very glad and thankful that Vlad was my guide. I sent a request about relationships and further life in general. Vlad did his best to lead me out of a deadlock, he was very secure, wise and confident about it: I watched important movies recommended by Vlad and they changed my point of view about my whole situation. I started doing sports again. But, the main thing that happened to me is that I started listening to my heart. I moved to another city in the USA, where no one was waiting for me, however, as it turned out, I always dreamt about living there. Vlad showed me the way and supported me when I faced hard times and did not believe in my strength at all. He was very concerned about my life situation and helped me find the light, hope and myself.

— Irina Khlebnikova, San Diego, California, the USA
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