„The Journey To Your Mission“

„Finding a way, finding your own place —
this is everything for a human, it means to become yourself.“

— Vissarion Belinsky

There is a special course which I worked out within „The Earth Angels“ project, I call it
„The Journey to your Mission“.

Course aims:
Finding your Life goal.
It is about realization of your Mission.
It is achieved via:
— Regular physical exercise
— Dietary change
— Construction of new ways of thinking
Course duration:
12 months.
Four cycles, three months per each.
1-3 months — Start

1st month – A warm-up
2nd month – A request construction
3rd month – A purge
4-6 months — Extreme Behaviour

4th month – Extreme efforts
5th month – Extreme honors
6th month – Extreme thurst for knowledge
7-9 months — Strict Discipline

7th month – Discipline of actions
8th month – Discipline of self-limitation
9th month – Discipline starts with a plan
10-12 months — The Journey To Your Mission

10th month – The Power of Love
11th month – Uncommonness
12th month – Fight all the way through
I hope that you can find courage to have a fight with your demons, no matter what they look like.

I hope that you will work on the edge of safe and acceptable.

I hope that you will keep going even though you could have stopped doing it a long time ago.

I hope that you will give more to other people.

I hope that you will recognise that you and other people have vices.

Be Brave!
Be Amazing!
Be Yourself!

„The Journey To Your Mission“
Discover your path
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